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What is the Pilates Method?

Pilates is a form of physical fitness developed by Joseph H. Pilates more than 100 years ago. The Pilates Method incorporates a series of choreographed, fluid movements coupled with proper breathing techniques, designed to promote spinal health and flexibility. It incorporates floor or mat routines and specialized apparatus which assists in teaching the body uniform muscular development, proper alignment and “complete coordination of mind, body and spirit.” 

How will Pilates benefit YOU?

Pilates transforms the way the body looks, feels and performs
Pilates builds strength and flexibility without excess bulk. 
Pilates gives YOU a long, sleek, toned body with a flat abdomen. 
Pilates creates better balance resulting in more agile, graceful movement

Pilates allows YOU a better quality of life. It teaches YOU complete coordination of the mind, body and spirit. YOU will have more vital energy with less stress. More strength, flexibility and mobility to enjoy fun with loved ones or play your sport of choice with a renewed vigor and zest!

Pilates uniformly develops the body/corrects Posture
  • Pilates strengthens the deeper layer of abdominals which support the spine and improve posture. 
  • Pilates lengthens and strengthens the muscles building long, sleek, toned musculature 
  • Pilates creates flexibility and agility, allowing for better balance and more agile physical and mental reactions

Pilates alleviates/reduces Pain
  • Pilates teaches awareness/mindfulness
  • Pilates builds awareness of breath, body and experiences
  • Pilates relieves stress and anxiety
  • Pilates corrects posture to alleviate pain and discomfort
  • Pilates strengthens the core to support the spine and supports nervous system health
  • Pilates helps re-pattern neurological connections to alleviate pain and restricted range of motion, resulting in greater flexibility

Pilates supports and promotes Spinal Health
  • Pilates helps re-pattern neurological connections
  • Pilates strengthens core muscles creating better spinal alignment
  • Pilates increases spinal flexibility and movement
  • Pilates uniformly develops the body, teaching awareness and concentration, leading to more agile physical and mental reactions

Pilates is excellent for the Bones
  • Pilates strengthens the core muscles to correct posture
  • Pilates can be an excellent cardiovascular workout, without stress on the joints and bones allowing for the benefits of weight bearing exercise without the negative effects

Pilates builds Brain Power
  • Pilates teaches awareness/mindfulness
  • Pilates creates better spinal alignment and flexibility supporting neurological health
  • Pilates increases breath capacity and lung function allowing for more oxygenation to the bloodstream which cleanses the body of toxins
  • Pilates relieves stress and anxiety
Joseph H. Pilates
Joseph H. Pilates 1880-1967

Joseph H. Pilates born in Germany 1880, was a frail sickly child. In order to attend to his own needs, he became fascinated with health and physical fitness and developed his own system of movement in order to heal himself from asthma and rickets. By the age of 14, he was well enough to model for anatomical charts growing up, Pilates studied anatomy, naturopathic medicine, yoga, and ancient Greek forms of movement and exercise. He became an accomplished athlete, working as a boxer, gymnast and athletic trainer. 
During World War I, he was interned in England, spending his days teaching other inmates and wounded soldiers about fitness and rehabilitation. There he began developing the method he called “Contrology”,  Pilates quickly noticed the profound, positive effects for any person practicing his method.  
He moved to the US in 1925 to open a gym and began teaching his method of fitness. Pilates and his wife, Clara, moved to NYC and opened their first Pilates Studio in 1926 where they taught until his death in 1967 and hers in the late 1970's.Joseph Pilates' student and heir, Romana Kryzanowska, had continued teaching the Pilates Method until her death in 2013 ensuring that the original principles of Pilates Method are preserved and shared for generations to come.