Liquid Movement Pilates Studio

49 Depot St. 
Duxbury, MA 02332


Why Liquid Movement?

In recent years the term "Pilates" worked itself into the mainstream and may be used generically and without restriction. As a result, untrained or under-qualified teachers advertising quasi-Pilates instruction can be found in almost every community. 

On the South Shore alone, there are dozens of options for Pilates training and classes but none taught by someone with the knowledge, experience, expertise and compassion as Heather Crosby. 

If you attend group Pilates classes at a large fitness Studio, you might think Pilates is 'too hard or too easy.' With the highly individualized instruction offered at Liquid Movement, students quickly gain a deeper appreciation for the precision, strength and mindfulness needed to perform each choreographed movement for maximum benefit. Liquid Movement offers a welcoming environment for students of varying ages, gender and abilities, the highest quality equipment and apparatus to support and facilitate student progress, along with Heather's personal care and attention.

About the Owner

Heather Crosby is a South Shore native who discovered the Joseph Pilates Method during her therapeutic massage training in Boulder, CO in 1995. 

Heather was born with a disease known as XLH or Rickets,  as was Joseph Pilates. After 20+ years of surgeries and medication that had limited benefits, Heather took her health into her own hands and began studying Pilates. 

After experiencing the remarkable effects of Pilates within her own body, Heather began 4+ years of intensive training including 2 years under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska, heir to the Pilates Method. 

Liquid Movement Pilates Studio opened in November 2004, where Heather has trained hundreds of loyal students who have experienced their own transformative benefits of Pilates under Heather's expert and watchful eye.

Heather's Training:

- Certified Massage Therapist - 

Boulder College of Massage Therapy, 1996

- Certified Master Pilates Instructor -  

The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO, 2004

Masters Certification, 2010

- Certified Melt Method Instructor -

Hand & Foot Melt Instructor, NYC, May 2015 

- B.S. in Holistic Health/Psychology -

University of Massachusetts Amherst, May 2022